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2018 Spring Conference Presentations - April 3-6 Newport Beach, CA

More Presentations will be added as we receive them

Wednesday, April 4th - 
10:00 AM

Growing Your Travel Training Program

Michael VanDekreke
Michael Davis
Chris Hunter
Aaron Moore 

Understanding The Updated US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulation
(49 CFR Part 40)

Robbie Sarles (.ppt)

Sustainable Mobility: From Talking to Doing

Gil Penalosa 

Facility Preparation & Operation of a Zero Emission Bus

Richard Tree (.ppt)
Moses Stites (.ppt)

Wednesday, April 4th - 1:00 PM 

An Integrated Travel Program for California  

Kyle Gradinger
Donna DeMartino

Microtransit: Wave of the Future or Flavor of the Month? 

Cat Kealey .(ppt)
Alva Carrasco (.ppt) 
Nora Chin
Curt Burlingame (.ppt) 

Knowledge is Experience: The Value & Development of Internship Programs in Transit 

Bri Riggio (.ppt)
Cynthia Mejia (.ppt)
Jose Perez (.ppt)
Sebastian Hernandez
Kerri Mileski (.ppt)
Jeffrey Flynn 

California Employment Law Update & Human Resources Trends 

Melissa Whitehead (.ppt)

Wednesday April 4th - 2:45 PM 

Rider-Centric Solutions: A Shift Towards Understanding the Rider's Perspective 

Teague Kirkpatrick
Mark Shaffer
Priscilla Vargas
Rex Clark
Gamaliel Anguiano 

Purchasing The Right Software For Your Agency 

Thomas Craig (.ppt)
Arun Prem (.ppt)
Amy Hance (.ppt)

Creating A Culture of Well-Being 

Bethany Berube (.ppt)
Chris Mileski (.ppt)
Tiffani Fink 

How Are You Finding, Hiring & Keeping Qualified Maintenance Staff?  Discussion of Current Operating Contracts & The Contract Challenges With Introducing ZEB 

Don Swain (.ppt)
Frank Dopp (.ppt)
Roy Glauthier (.ppt)
Len Engel  

Wednesday, April 4th - 4:30 PM 

The Future of Automated Vehicles in Transportation

Don Swain (.ppt)
Michael Tree

Leveraging Partnerships With Cities 

Meagan Schmidt (.ppt)
George Sparks 

Flexible Trip Planning: GTFS For Demand-Response

Thomas Craig (.ppt)
Paul Sorenson (.ppt)
Sandi Hill (.ppt)

Best Practices For Transit Fleet Inspections 

Sebastian Hernandez
Rick Streiff 

Thursday, April 5th - 8:00 AM 

Increasing Ridership: Different Approaches For Different Generations 

Teague Kirkpatrick (.ppt)
Stella Lin (.ppt) 

Management Procurement For Managers

Roy Glauthier (.ppt) 

Using Data To Improve Performance, Reliability & Sustainability 

Laramie Bowron (.ppt)
Steve White (.ppt)  

Ricon Wheelchair Lift Operations & Maintenance

Eddie Navarro 

Underwritten Session: Intermotive 

Todd Long (.pdf)       

Underwritten Session: Way Sine: Real-Time Information Anywhere

AJ Harper (.ppt)

Thursday, April 5th - 9:40 AM 

Web Based Find-A-Ride Portal

Efren Guzman-Magdaleno, Gary Madden, Donna Mace, Paul Sorenson (.pdf)

BraunAbility Wheelchair Lift Operation & Maintenance 

Sean Bell

Underwritten Session: Kelderman Air Suspensions 

Rich Ludvigsen (.ppt)

California Transit Plan & State Transit Programs Update

Josh Pulverman (.ppt)
Juan Matute
Wendy King (.ppt)
Amar Cid (.ppt)

Thursday, April 5th - 10:15 AM 

Bus Fires: Stop Them Before They Start

Halsey King (.ppt)

Thursday, April 5th - 11:15 AM 

Underwritten Session: MorRyde Suspensions

Joe Carroll (.ppt)

Thursday April 5th - 11:20 AM

Making Headway Against Transit's Driver Shortage 

Charlie Anderson
Kevin Klika (.ppt)
Amy Hance
Kelly Halcon (.ppt)

California Air Resources Boards' Innovative Clean Transit Regulations For Zero
Emission Buses 

Tony Brasil (.ppt)

How To Meet The Farebox Ratio Challenge 

Mark Wall (.ppt)
Bill Bacon (.ppt)
Joshua Pulverman (.ppt)

Thursday, April 5th - 12:00 PM 

Underwritten Session: LiquidSpring, LLC

Richard Meyer (.pdf)

Friday, April 6th - 8:45 AM

Future Transportation Challenges & Opportunities 

Mark Codey
Kyle Gradinger
Wendy King
Tony Brasil (.ppt)
Rick Ramacier
Neil Rodriguez 

Friday, April 6th - 10:30 AM 

Innovative Senior Transportation Programs   

Gracie Davis (.ppt)
Aaron Moore
Eliane Wilson (.pdf)
Justin Boogard (.ppt)

California's Rural & Intercity Bus System: 2018 Study 

Thomas Pogue (.ppt)
Ronaldo Hu 

Renewable Diesel - Diesel Made Better 

Curtis Thornhill
Matt Leuck 


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